Monday, May 11, 2009

Surpise Gift

Meet Tucker.... Tucker joined our family Dec. 4, 2008. He was a surprise Christmas gift to the kids. We thought it would be nice to have another outside dog that the kids could play with after loosing Daisy, our cocker mix of 10 yrs in April 2008. After searching adds in the paper I came across an add for 12 week old Black Lab puppies for sale. They were full blood but had no papers so we got off "cheap" paying only $100.

As I drove up to the house of the people that owned the pups, I see 5 little black puppies playing in the yard. The first one to greet me was Tucker. They all looked just alike except for Tucker, had the "Block" jaw where the others didn't. He was the one I wanted. After playing with the pups for a while I noticed the puppy that I wanted was sitting away from us hunkered down by the house acting a bit timmid and shy. It was as if he knew he was the chosen one. I kind of felt bad for taking him. All the way home he sit on the floor board of the van whippering. It was such a pitiful sound. When I got him home I snuck him into the kitchen and called the kids in. The kids (all except Jeremy) were so excited to see this little guy. Tucker, not being use to all the excited scrouched in a corner with his tail tucked under him, hints where the name Tucker came from.
On Dec 8th I took Tucker for his first set of shots. He was 28lbs. Two weeks later he got his second set of shots and his weight jumped up to 36lb. Then another month went by and we got his last set of shots and he then weighed 43lbs. At that time I made an appt to get him neutered on Feb 7nd.

Christmas and New Years came and went with just a few incidents. Sure, he had a few accidents in the house when he was inside, which was often since it was cold out, but other than that things were going pretty good. He hadn't started the chewing and I was thinking that we got off lucky. Nights were a little rough since he had to stay in the kennel to sleep. At first he whinned and wimpered alot but after a few days he only whin for a little bit and would calm down and sleep all night.

Things were going well. Now if I could just get Brian to like him. This was never his idea. He only said yes to getting another dog because Corey and Jade had been asking for one. If he had his way we would never have dogs. He wanted nothing to do with the puppy. He wouldn't even pet him. Hopefully in time he would grow to like Tucker, even if it's just a little.

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